Discover Tacloban and its Hotels

At Tacloban, you can get a better picture of the affordable hotels within the city. There are a lot of things to be discovered in Tacloban – epic history, delicious native food, friendly locals and luxurious hotels.


The local inhabitants of Tacloban, called the “Waray-waray” people, are proud of their historical past that shaped the great Eastern Visayas that can be seem and felt today.

Delicious Food

Who has not tasted the rich Binagol, made of Talyan, a Taro root, coconut milk, brown or organic sugar, egg yolks, full cream condensed milk, and the chocolately Moron, made of rice flour mixed with chocolate paste or locally called Tableya, peanuts, and organic sugar? If you are, you better try it now. There are many Binagol and Moron sold in the sidewalk of Tacloban City public market.

Friendly Locals

People in Tacloban can boast of their friendly personality. Anywhere, you can see people wearing their hospitable smiles.

Luxurious Hotels

With the guaranteed topnotch hospitality service provider, hotels in Tacloban can be very proud of their competitive amenities like health and fitness center, swimming pools, and even shopping arcades. The hotels in Tacloban can accommodate the different needs of their guests. Aside from the different exciting guestrooms, Tacloban hotels are boastful of their room features that include bathtubs, hot and cold showers, broadband internet connectivity, telephone lines, and individually-controlled air conditioning. To ensure the safety of the travelers, the different hotels are fully equipped with electronic locks.

With the featured amenities of the individual hotels in Tacloban, you are assured that you get what you are paying for.

There are many hotels in Tacloban to choose from; you can book quickly and make reservations for your leisure travel or business meeting in just a click or two in Hotels Tacloban.


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