A look at the Secret Service sex scandal hotel

16 Apr

The U.S. Secret Service’s embarrassing sex scandal that unfolded in the last few days in Cartagena, Colombia, took place in an historic, high-end hotel that’s considered a national treasure by the Colombian government.

Located on a Caribbean beach, it’s also known for catering to families.

The scandal, according to the Associated Press, involves charges that some Secret Service agents brought alleged prostitutes to their hotel rooms.

The image of partying agents flies in the face of the image that they typically portray.

On Saturday, the agency placed 11 agents on leave and brought in new agents in advance of President Obama’s visit while an investigation takes place, the AP says.

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House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Peter King told ABC News how he thinks the situation became publicly known:

“My understanding is that 11 secret service agents did bring women to their room and there was a dispute the next morning when one of the women did not leave there room,” King said. “One did not leave, police came and she refused to leave until she was paid for her services. So that is what started all this.”

For more info, ABC News posted this most recent story.

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