Electric Vehicles Get Boost From Hotels and Car Rental Companies

8 Mar

Electric Vehicles Charging Station

Hand in hand, hotels and car rental companiespromotes a cleaner, greener and safer environment through electric vehicles. Car rental companies increase the number of electric vehicles for rent and hotels increase the number of stations to recharge them. A win-win situation for everyone – hotels, car rental companies, customers and the environment.

Electric Vehicles – A New Way to Travel

An electric drive vehicle is a type of vehicle that is powered by electricity instead of fuel. They are a safer and cleaner choice since they don’t provide as much environment footprint as fuel-powered cars, if any at all. Some electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf can travel up to 70 miles on a fully charged battery giving travelers the freedom to travel the distance before recharging at the charging stations. Hybrid vehicles are also available like the Toyota Prius. These vehicles can be powered both by fuel and electricity, enabling travelers to have flexibility in choosing which power they want to use instead of being locked to electricity only. This is very useful for places that don’t offer an electric vehicle charging station yet.

Read more about it in the original article.

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