Calayan takes care of Kring Kring

8 Mar

Christina Kring Kring Romualdez

One of the most beautiful Filipinas both in showbusiness and politics, Cristina “Kring-Kring” Gonzales-Romualdez remains to have a face even angels may envy.

And this lovely countenance is the new face of Calayan Surgicentre.
The two-term councilor of Tacloban City is the latest endorser of the leading cosmetic center in the country. She and two other lady politicians were chosen by doctors Manny and Pie Calayan, beauty doctors to the stars and pioneers of Smartlipo and Vaserlipo in the Philippines, to endorse the world-class Calayan Surgicentre.
Blessed with beautiful genes from screen legends Josemari Gonzales and beauty queen Rosario “Chayong” Gonzales, Kring-Kring’s mestiza good looks need special care, especially with her busy lifestyle.

As a councilor, Kring-Kring visits even the remotest areas of the city. She is also busy with her responsibilities as a public servant, the wife of Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez, mother to two girls, and even a businesswoman.

Kring-Kring herself admits that politics is stressful, hectic, and definitely unglamorous. Unlike when she was still active in front of the cameras where she was always made up, Kring-Kring now usually is garbed in polo shirt, jeans and rubber shoes as she goes around the city. She hardly has time to exercise and maintain a fitness regimen but she makes it a point to eat healthy. Now with Calayan taking care of her skin, face and body, she can focus her mind and energy on her constituency and her family.

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