Beach Resorts to Know Before Booking Tacloban Hotels

4 Mar

Tacloban Beach Resorts

Going to beach resorts can be a very fun experience. Specially if you are with your family and friends celebrating that special birthday, debut, wedding or just about any occasion. Here are a list of beach resorts near and within Tacloban city that can offer the best relaxation and recreation services in the area.

Jasmin Beach Resort

Brgy. Amambucale, Marabut, Samar, Philippines

Jasmin Beach Resort Near Tacloban

Jasmin Beach Resort is a paradise for nature lovers. Mediterranean-themed, crystal clear waters, colorful marine life and it’s white sand beach. The resort can accommodate for a lot of activities from simply a game of beach volleyball to island hopping. But that’s not all, there are more activities, recreation facilities and sports to be discovered. Ever tried relaxing above the coral reefs? You can do so with the famous floating cottages, a favorite among all beach-lovers of any age. It can cater for any occasion that may even require function halls or rooms and can accommodate up to 200 persons staying overnight. Backup power is available in case of power failure. The resort also has 24-hour security.

Jasmin Beach Resort can be accessed with an hour drive from Tacloban city, just 52 kilometers away. Public transportation vehicles like buses and jeepneys (another sight to see) bound to Borongan or Guiuan can be taken from the bus terminals of Tacloban city.

Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort

Brgy. Caluwayan, Marabut, Samar, Philippines
Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort Tacloban
Caluwayan Palm Islands Beach Resort is surrounded by amazing views, seascapes, coral reefs and coral gardens and rock formations and coves. The resort an eco-tourism oriented destination which is perfect for more engaging water sports and activities like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and even sun-bathing. The resort is planning to expand its accommodation to guests by constructing new facilities like function halls and apartments.

Agta Beach Resort

Brgy. Talahid, Almeria, Biliran, Philippines

Agta Beach Resort Tacloban

The Agta Beach Resort is another of those beaches that is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is located in the island province of Biliran, just north of Leyte where Tacloban is. It also offers eco-tourism views and sceneries like waterfalls, natural spring waterfalls and natural geothermal hot springs. It is relatively isolated and untouched making it an ideal way to connect with and understand the real Filipino experience. Although the opportunities for aqua-sport activities, some guests prefer to just sit back and relax. For those there is Jimmy’s House with 2 large pools and has a view overlooking the beach and nearby islands.

Other Beach Resorts Within Tacloban City

There are also other beach resorts that doesn’t require long travels and bus rides if you have booked a hotel in Tacloban. The list includes Sandy Beach, Vicmar Beach Resort,Leyte Park Resort Hotel, The Red Beach and Baluarte Beach Resort. These resorts sports white sand shores, basic hotel and accommodation for overnight stay and cottages by the beach for family and friends to enjoy with.

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