Hotels – Your Home Away From Home

3 Mar

If you have a trip such as business trip or vacation, it is inevitable to go to places where you need to stay, such as hotels and guest rooms especially for the night. In these modern times, when someone says “hotel”, what comes in to the mind of the listener?

Nowadays, when someone stays at a hotel, it automatically implies that they are rich. Well, some hotels such as cambria suites, embassy suites, hampton inn, and many other “expensive” hotels really state that those who stays in these hotels are rich.

Hotels A Home Away From Home

But what really is a hotel? Let me explain to you further what a hotel really is. The term hotel comes from the French term hôte which means host. It referred to the building or structure that sees frequent guests/visitors. As the host, they provide the needs of the guests.

There are various types of hotels, which operates in the hotel’s size, function and cost. One is the conference and resort hotels, which often serves luxury service accommodation. Another type is the Historic Inns and boutique hotels, which contains luxury facilities with varying sizes and full service accommodation. Examples of these type of hotels are Conrad Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Dorchester Collection, JW Marriott Hotels, Starwood – Westin Hotels, Hilton Suites, Marriott, Hotel Indigo, Doubletree, and Hyatt.

One type of hotel is a motel, a short term for motor hotel. It is specialized in serving guests, such as motorists that stays for a short period of time, usually in nighttime. It has a swift and easy access from the room to the vehicle of the guest. Motels are mostly built at intersections and major roads for the convenience of travelers that needs a place to stay. Another type of hotel is the hostel which resembles a mini hotel. It has a cheaper cost for both the maintenance and for the stay. Hostels accommodate long-term stay for a cheap price. It has lesser features and facilities than the luxury hotels, but is good for those who travel far from their homes.

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