Green Hotel Ideas for Tacloban Hotels

20 Feb

Green Hotels Tacloban

It’s one thing for a hotel to tout “green” initiatives that smack of sustainability; it’s another thing for properties to actually practice what they preach.

Geothermal energy is used to run refrigeration equipment in the on-site restaurant, and energy from the sun heats nearly 60 percent of the hot water provided at the green hotels that are the first LEED-Platinum resorts worldwide. The hotels’ construction resulted in the restoration of 700 feet of streambed, and 87 percent of all construction waste was recycled.

Don’t expect plastic water bottles at these hotels. Instead, guests receive glass (and therefore reusable) bottles of house-filtered water every day (and only upon request). Other green features include concrete floors and motion sensors that shut off the room’s heat and air-conditioning when guests leave their rooms.

Guests love the free electric water-taxi service because it’s convenient and reduces traffic congestion on city roads. The properties also participates in Grounds to Grow On program, through which coffee grinds from in-room coffee machines are donated to local farms.

A special “nano” filtration system turns wastewater into irrigation water for plants, while more than 75 percent of food waste is reused as compost or animal feed at a local farm.

Entire three-story buildings require only 1,500 watts of electricity to operate—less energy than most four-slice toasters—with most of the powering coming from an extensive photovoltaic array. The hostels leverages geothermal energy, too, pulling heat up from the earth in the winter and pushing it back down come summer.

Those are just the concepts hotels in Tacloban can utilize to help make the world a cleaner and safer place to live in.

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