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Cheap Hotels in Tacloban Plus Tips About Hotels

28 Sep

One of the cities in the Philippines that have gone through the fast lane competition of economic development and modernization is Tacloban, where the famed Gen. Douglas MacArthur Park was built as a tribute to the American General with his famous line, “I shall return”. The city is also known for being the hometown of the flamboyant former Philippine First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, whose Romualdez family still commands a large political influence in the area.

Tacloban City has gone a mile in their economic development. That is why there are a number of hotels that have paved way to the modernized development of the hotels in Tacloban.

Aside from the best hotel accommodations, hotels in Tacloban are fully equipped with ultramodern facilities like airport transfer, spa and wellness centers, swimming pools, business meeting rooms, bars and lounge rooms, and gift shops. With all these, they can proudly promise a smile on your face when you check out.

Sometimes, relaxing at a hotel means you should have enough peso to sustain your stay, but you don’t need to worry. We have made a list of tips on how you can afford to relax with your enough budgets.

10 Tips on Finding a Cheap Hotel in Tacloban

Finding cheap hotels in Tacloban means finding cheap hotels that are good value. Here are some tips on how to find a cheap hotel room that offers extravagant value.

  1. Find hotel location that is accessible to all. Hotel rates vary from place to place depending on its location. In Tacloban City, you need to have access to everything like the historical park, malls, church the ability to walk to and fro.
  2. Compare rates at different hotels. The key to a cheap vacation is information and the more you have the better your chances of saving a few pesos.
  3. Be alert to promotions and coupons. Check out hotel coupons to save a lot. You may also ask your friends if they know or might have seen promotional ads. You can check this also on newspapers and/or the internet.
  4. Schedule your check in time with the season. If you are planning to stay away from home, try to make your hotel reservations for off-peak seasons. Avoid booking weekends. It is difficult to find a cheap hotel for a weekend simply because there is a greater demand for it in the market. Hotels tend to be in the business for the week by utilizing the weekend opportunity. You can book your stay from Monday to Thursday to get a better deal than on a weekend.
  5. Negotiate to get good deal.  Most front desk personnel are personable and can give good advice on getting better rates at their hotels. Talk with them to get good discounts for your stay. If you are staying for more than a week, then you might want to ask if they offer lower rates for longer stays.
  6. Use the power of the internet. Search online to compare rates, amenities, and location. The internet makes searching for good rates on good hotels as easy as 1 2 and 3.The good thing about this is that most hotel search websites show prices for rooms, amenities, location, and best of all, user reviews of the hotel itself. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when checking in with a hotel for the first time.
  7. Opt for a Travel Agent. Travel agents have good contacts among hotel chains and can get discounts on reservations thus made. If you choose to have a travel agent help you get a good hotel, then make sure that the service fee you pay them does not make going through an agent more expensive then making the reservation yourself.
  8. Use your credit card points. Most credit card companies offer hotel reward programs especially if any are partnered, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your points can add up. Some airline reward programs even let you use air miles for hotel stays.
  9. Consider hotels that are friendly to kids. Look for hotels that let kids stay for free and eat for free or at reduced rates. You’ll save a lot on food  budget per child.
  10. Book in advance. The earlier the better. You can book your stay in advance and chances are that you might land up a great discount or some additional features in the form of freebies. Remember that hotels tend to increase their prices for the rooms booked urgently.

With all these handy tips in mind, you can be assured that your stay in any of the cheap hotels in Tacloban will be enjoyable and relaxing without worrying too much on the hotel bill.